Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It is my moral duty to pass this on:


 [now in Werner Herzog's voice:]


It's less than 20 minutes long.

A boy learns to play the piano.

And literally only for 'fucks sake':


Audience Award – Dead By Dawn Film Festival (2012)
Best Animation, Best Experimental – SOTW awards (2012)
Special Mention – Bolzano Short Film Festival (2011)
Best Short Film – Ljubljana Intl. Film Festival (2011)
Best Short Film – Anim’est IAFF Romania (2011)
Grand Prix – Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (2011)
Audience award – Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (2011)
“Most Actual Animation” Award – Multivision Festival (2011)
Audience award – Uppsala Intl Short Film Festival (2011)
Best Contemporary / Experimental Short  – Sapporo Shortfest (2011)
CRYPTON Best Sound Award – Sapporo Shortfest (2011)
Grand Prix “Golden Kuker” – The International AnimationFilm Festival Sofia (2011)
Best Direction Award – ANIMAGE – III International Animation Festival (2011)
Best International Short (Independent) – Playgrounds Festival (2011)
Best Short Film Award – Anim’est IAFF Romania (2011)
Golden Gate Award – Best Animation – San Francisco Film Festival (2011)
Best film in category “10-50 minutes” – KROK (2011)
Grand Prix – 25FPS Festival (2011)
Audience Award – 25FPS Festival (2011)
Grand Prix – Fantoche Film Festival (2011)
Grand Prix – Silhouette Short Film Festival (2011)
Jury Special Mention – AyeAye Film Festival (2011)
European Youth Jury Special Mention – Aye Aye F.Festival (2011)
Special Achievement Award – ANIMANIMA (2011)
Audience Award – ANIMANIMA (2011)
Best International Animation – Anibar (2011)
Best Short Animation – Guanajuato Intl Film Festival (2011)
Jurys Special Mention – Melbourne Animation Festival (2011)
Best Animation – Tabor Film Festival (2011)
Special Mention – Curtocircuito Festival (2011)
Vox Veronicae Award – Tabor Film Festival (2011)
Audience Award – Vienna Independent Shorts (2011)
ASIFA Austria Award – Vienna Independent Shorts (2011)
Award of Distinction – Prix Ars Electronica (2011)
Grand Prix – Intl. Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart (2011)
Golden Gate Award – Best Animation – SFIFF (2011)
Grand Prix – Hallucinations Collectives (2011)
Best Short Film – Obliqua Section – Mecal (2011)
Adobe Award – Regensburg Short Film Week (2011)
Best Animation – Tampere Film Festival (2011)
International Audience Award – Minimalen Film Festival (2011)
GoShort – Best Animation (2011)
IFTA – Best Animation (2011)
Canal + Award – Clermont Ferrand (2011)
Honorary Mention – Sundance (2011)
Best Animation/Yoram Gross Award – Flickerfest (2011)
Public Award – S. de la Cinémathèque Québécoise (2010)
Youth Award for best short film – Gijon Film festival (2010)
Berlin Award – Interfilm (2010)
Grand Prize – Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (2010)
Special Mention – Cork Film Festival (2010)
Grand Prize – Ottawa Animation Festival (2010)
Best Experimental Film – Rio De Janeiro SFF (2010)
Special Mention – Rio De Janeiro SFF (2010)
Special Mention – Intl. Film Festival Bratislava (2010)
EFA Nomination – Venice Film Festival (2010)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Secret is that Radio Waves are (Invisible) Light

"As part of our species’ search for intelligent life in the universe, the United States flung a Pioneer space probe containing a graphic message far out beyond our solar system in 1972. The scientists associated with it hoped that it would be intercepted by some galactic beachcomber after it left our corner of the cosmos. Newscasters speculated upon how it would find its way to some distant planetary system to be turned over in prehensile limbs we cannot imagine. 
Of course, Marconi had already done the same. Seventy-seven years earlier, a small percentage of the magic light from his first radio broadcast did not get reflected back to Earth but passed on through the ionosphere and escaped into outer space. Unlike sound, light is capable of spanning the void. It takes eleven days for sound to cover the distance light travels in a second. From 1895 onward then, the incoming light from distant stars has had to pass through our outward-bound radio wave transmissions. 
Imagine the excitement that will be generated when some lone radio ham, on a distant planet orbiting a different sun from ours, one night just happens to turn on and tune in to Earth. What a surprise will unfold, because it is all there - the entire history of the twentieth century as well as music since the Renaissance. Our new radio audience will be able to listen to all our electromagnetic radio transmissions falling on their planet as light from their sun falls on ours. They will hear our extraordinary talents and momentous events as they arrive encoded in these waves. Out somewhere beyond Alpha Centauri, there exists in an ectoplasmic state the messages of Amos and Andy, Adolf Hitler, and Bishop Fulton Sheen, and the music of Ludwig van Beethoven and Bing Crosby. Beginning in the Renaissance, music was recorded through notation. Because of it, the constraints of time were overcome. Now as a result, we can listen to the ensuing centuries’ music. Radio has superseded the constraints of space as well because by converting music to light, Bach and Mozart will resound in outer space forever.
Anyone receiving our early broadcasts would be tuned to musical trends and historical events that have already happened here on Earth. Because of the time it takes light to traverse space, they will not know the outcome; having to wait in nail-biting suspense, like children at a Saturday matinee, to find out who ultimately wins World War II or the answer to the crucial question of whether we will ultimately destroy ourselves in an environmental apocalypse. 
With the advent of television we have dramatically increased the outpouring of light-as-information. Now our stellar audience can see what we look like as well as how we sound. The soap opera called the Twentieth Century has expanded out from Earth in a bubble of ghostly light. If, as some astronomers have speculated, there are many different planets out there capable of containing intelligent life, more and more planets will tune in as our programs fan out across space, and soon music and our story will be heard and seen at different times in different places from one end of the universe to the other. "

-Leonard Shlain 
Excerpt from 'Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time and Light'

Monday, May 14, 2012



Just stream this and be careful from the Donovan song on, trust me!

We Funk Radio

(( amazing artwork 'Flower Pt 2' by Stereoflow ))

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Don't Know [RIP]

Like everything
that they put out
that was,
this was

And fresh.

 As soon as i saw the headline
 I knew,
 I knew i’d remember.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

He's Baaaaaaaack!

GP: "Before MTV. I was hanging out with Matt Groening and we were talking about being fans of Frank Zappa, and we really admired the way that Frank Zappa brought ideas into the marketplace, into children’s and teenagers rooms, with reading lists and so on. We were interested in being people like that."

GP: "I would say my friend Matt Groening has entered into media and made a gigantically powerful platform for leftist politics on a conservative station... If I go to Paris and turn on the TV, there’s “The Simpsons”. If I change the channel, it’s “Futurama”... he has done this incredible job of infiltrating media."


JW: "And I was an upper-middle-class Jewish prince. I think drugs are great. Quote me on that. I think drugs are great. But only when you use them a little bit, for pleasure."

via: BombSite


Monday, January 16, 2012

Excerpt from the cover of Bidoun Magazine #25

"In July 2010, i dreamed that i was flying
over downtown Cairo in a one-person
helicopter made of glass. Like a Segway,
in the air. And the entire city was flooded
to the level of the billboards but the lights
were all still on. It was post-apocalyptic.
There was a sinkhole in the center of Tahrir
Square that the water was rushing into.
And i was afraid of flying too close to it.
So i flew up to Muqattam, where the water
was rushing over the cliff, creating this
kind of waterfall, into this tiny cave. And inside
there was a ten-foot-tall military man, like
twice the size of regular person, sitting in
a chair, and i spent all night just chewing
on his ankles, punching him - he was like
a clown doll, made of rubber, but he was
taunting me, i could hear his voice inside"...