Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Worth a mention..

"Paradoxically, perhaps, the photographer without a name creates extraordinary art by restoring the identities of the nameless."

Anonymous 28mm shooting, ex-graffiti artist, now street 'photograffeur', JR broadens the horizons..

More on JR here..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Sweet Root

My friend Miles Gussin and myself had embarked on a musical journey, months past. Aptly titled 'The Sweet Root' our song-mix has finally come to fruition.

An interview, 13 minute mix-demo, and a bonus track [Strings] are all available for download (pro-bono) at Radio Hotbodies, presented by our good friend Josh Boyd.

The mix-list goes as follows:

1. Fur Edith/The Schizophrenic Sound
2. Test 1 <--- Miles
3. Alan, Revived
4. Sample Two
5. Beginning <--- Miles


[picture up top is 'Ecstasy' by 0M3R]

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bank on Banksy

“I won’t be doing any more big gallery shows for a while, it’s all a bit dodgy. I’ve come into contact with a lot more villains since I moved from vandalism into selling paintings. The art world is full of shady people peddling bright colours. Anti-graffiti groups like to say tagging intimidates people, but not as much as modern art. That stuff is deliberately designed to make normal people feel stupid. I could try and get more legitimate mural work, but scaling a drainpipe is still probably a lot easier than getting an original idea past a committee.”


The entire intelligent, eye-opening interview can be had here..