Thursday, October 8, 2009

Participant Observation in Moorpark & Surrounding Areas

Follow Your Heart Restaurant and Market - Canoga Park, CA
Wednesday, 0ct 7, 2009
Luscious Brunette - "Do you have any teas that are sweeterized ?"

Starbucks Coffee - Moorpark, CA
Thursday, 0ct 8, 2009

Elad - [tries opening mens bathroom door, door locked]
Kid on Drugs - "...[expletives deleted]. Be out in two minutes!"
Elad - [washes hands in ladies room]

(As fate has it, Kid on Drugs and Elad exit the restrooms simultaneously)

Kid on Drugs - [barely manages to muster out] "I.. would ha-ha-have.. been. outta' there in a minute, man."

Elad - "It's cool, man. Just washing my hands.."
Kid on Drugs - "Smo-smo-smoke weed every-day. I smo-smoked weed ever-y-day - got a cig?"
Elad - "I smoke weed too, but i have no tobbacco"
Kid on Drugs - [pounds Elads' fist Obama-style, runs outside]
Elad (to Starbucks employees) - "That kid was tripping!"
Starbucks Employees - "Stripping?"

((Customer walks in muttering something about a kid admitting to a lifetime of smoking))

Elad - (points outside) "That kid is tripping, like, 'on drugs'." (points outside)

Then we all stared in awe at the youth of today, elegantly framed by oversized windows and a brazen support column.

Kid on Drugs successfully bums a cigarette, begins jumping up and down
A truck pulls up alongside Kid on Drugs who is now jumping up and down in the air and dancing, ashing his new cigarette all over his newfound self.
Kid on Drugs throws head back laughing and dancing in the middle of the parking lot and then is coaxed into a truck.. by a friend(?)

Thank you Moorpark! That was worthy!


Classmates and i came across this rather odd, interestingly aloof website. See if you can find out who's behind it! (note: this came up 4th from the top in a google search of 'Martin_Luther_King')


Kid on Drugs came back with two of his friends! They've now asked me for a cigarette and/or money 5 times!! Kid on Drugs himself keeps singing 'Jungle of Love' just like in Jay and Silent Bob! I'm about to die laughing. Kid on Drugs keeps pacing around back and forth talking about his and his friends 'crooked penises'. "It's ok. We like them though".

"I jam my penis into the rectum of animals. I jam my penis into the rectum of animals. That's kind of disgusting. I jam my penis into the rectum of animals." - Kid on Drugs (and LOUD!)

You cant make this stuff up. Way to homegrow, Moorpark.

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  1. Let me guess ... This said "kid on drugs" also spat on himself whilst jumping a curb in aloof merriment?