Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Regards [to time healing all wounds],

i don't think it does. I think it gives an opportunity for new scars to form, if anything. And if anything, time stretches our pores and pours salt into them as it grinds away the gears of each minute as they turn to day. And yet, the most peculiar aspect to time must be noting the familiar beauty of endless days passed, once enough time has elapsed to note them.

However, the last thing i want getting between us is, philosophy.

((incoherent mumbles, brooding))

Well, by god.

Then i'll do my best to disappear.

Only to reappear again in times of great strain and/or moral equilibrium.

And if you get nothing else from me, then put this into your pocket:

Life is no fairy-tale, my love. And the morals that were written in all the great books, that humans reflect on with a kind of innate, optimistic and nostalgic familiarity, were only metaphors set into script by humans, too.

And so to conclude, i suppose,

Darling; take your time.

I want all to be well, and only more for all to be well.

But i'm fully aware that this shit comes in circles and we'll be here, together or separate, separately here in situations like this again.