Saturday, April 17, 2010

Edgar Allan Poe, mmm.

For a long time i wondered what drugs would do
Then i took them
And knew for ever that i knew.

Though i forgot what i saw
and things that i thought
The experience washed over me
Like tide in an astrological inquisition.

As creeping misery worried a slippery felt down my side.
Creeping worries matched those, parallel in stride..

So i decided to document it:

I took pictures of my skin,
Then darkened it with ash-dust.
I wanted the colour
So I turned the lights up

[For contrast]

But each time as the pixel grew
As the light illuminated the charcoal
And it changed hue
So subtly, it went
from a black to a red

And as the walls
Like the Mirrors
grew with intensity
The brighter they grew

I laughed
with misery
for the darkness knew.

'What?' i asked
[Do drugs do]

As the sunlight fades in a darkened room,
Different quests embark
On questions they already knew

[A facet of drugs and what they do]

(Looped to Pulp Fictions 'Zed's Dead' dialogue 3/21/10)

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  1. Tomaselli, ye? Digging the poem as well.

    Keep it comin'!