Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Worthy Rep

This goes out to my favourite pastime as of late; [figuratively put] losing my mind one picture at a time, in an arrangement, ornate, as if godly met, or maybe the code for all life made, is random?

In plain English:
GreyHandGang is a blog that is an assortment of pictures uploaded one by one. Whoever chose them has quite the keen eye. This blog has been a staple of 'my' time lately. Give it a whirl.



  1. Hola. It's the ginger chick who's always at FYH. I looked up Exit Through the Gift Shop, and it isn't playing anymore. Yup. I died a little on the inside.
    Oh, and shweet blog. (Not a creeper - found it through Chloe)

  2. Good thing I already pirated it :)

    Aaaand the fact that a ton of kids are on adderall for AP tests at my school made me feel like checkin out your blog this evening.

  3. fuck that. i lied. it's still playing at the landmark. just not the arclight.

    gee, chloe. thanks for sharing the wealth. pfft. ellen and i are going to try to see it after school if it's still playing wednesday.

  4. Tell me when you see it!

    It's fantastic and spurs debate. And it's almost a work in progress.

    The Landmark does still have it and there are actually some Banksy pieces nearby that are film-recent.

    La Brea & 4th in LA and some other spot..