Thursday, May 3, 2012

He's Baaaaaaaack!

GP: "Before MTV. I was hanging out with Matt Groening and we were talking about being fans of Frank Zappa, and we really admired the way that Frank Zappa brought ideas into the marketplace, into children’s and teenagers rooms, with reading lists and so on. We were interested in being people like that."

GP: "I would say my friend Matt Groening has entered into media and made a gigantically powerful platform for leftist politics on a conservative station... If I go to Paris and turn on the TV, there’s “The Simpsons”. If I change the channel, it’s “Futurama”... he has done this incredible job of infiltrating media."


JW: "And I was an upper-middle-class Jewish prince. I think drugs are great. Quote me on that. I think drugs are great. But only when you use them a little bit, for pleasure."

via: BombSite

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