Monday, January 18, 2010

O crescimento pelo crescimento é a ideologia da célula cancerígena.

“During 1860, the citizens of Point Pleasant, Ohio, were distressed by the daily sight of a slightly rundown-looking store clerk in his late thirties. The man had been in the military, resigned under suspicious circumstances, failed at farming, failed at real estate, and ended up working in his father's leather-goods store. He was a poor excuse for a salesman, a worse-than-incompetent bill collector, and didn't even seem to know the establishment's stock. What's more, there were rumours that he had a problem with the bottle. Then, in 1861, the Civil War broke out, and the town failure enlisted in a regiment of volunteers. Less than two years later, he was promoted to major general. Eventually, he became president. His name was Ulysses S. Grant.”

--Excerpt from Howard Blooms' 'The Lucifer Principle'

[in Moscow]

Introducing Alexandre Farto aka 'Vhils'

Vhils uses a giant assortment of mediums and techniques to achieve his brilliant art; from etching into dilapidated stucco walls to homemade bleach concoctions and from said homemade bleach concoctions to good old fashioned Pollock inspired paint chucks, Vhils leaves each piece adorned with his unique weather-stripped signature. These pieces only get better with time.

“Nothing Lasts Forever”


'Burned Memories'

Introducing fellow musician, artist, and friend; Colin McCaffrey.

O Fortuna (2007) - Graphite

Self Portrait (2007) - Pen, charcoal, and marker.

Dans Smile 2007 - Pen, colored pencil, and marker – from a photo where Dan Anderson (a member of the Paul T. Anderson clan), had painstakingly kicked his own teeth out at a show.

Self Portrait (2008) - Tissue paper and sharpies on cardboard

Untitled (2008)

Autophagy 2007 - Colored pencils and pen and chalk. Freehand duplicate of circulating postcard.

"Growth for the sake of growth is the idealogy of the cancer cell"
(O crescimento pelo crescimento é a ideologia da célula cancerígena.)
-Edward Abbey

Klone in Tel-Aviv (Photo courtesy of

By the way, Unurth is definitely worth a check-out, their email list is unprecedented – new street art from around the world every day!

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