Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Visual Altruists of the New Decade

((Sandy Skoglund - Shimmering Madness))

Fresh Produce '09 at the Anno Domini gallery in San Jose.
An international Street Art gallery representing some of the finest, most revolutionary artists of the past decade from around the world.
A collaboration of visual altruists, on through the 9th of January.


((Jeremiah Maddick - Fistful Mouthful))

((Exercise these tongue-tied worries)) Know Hope & Co.

((Chris Warner & Co. - "Iraqi Christmas", U.S. Occupation of Iraq, 2009))

((Andreas Gursky - 99 Cents))

((Robert Polidori - Versailles))

((Comte Rizzoli))

((Richard Misrach - Submerged House Foundation, Salton Sea))

((E. Allweil - Father))

Introducing AITCH (Saint Sinners)

((Aitch - Cute, Calm V.))

((Aitch - Cute, Calm III.))

((Aitch - Cute, Calm II.))

In an abandoned 19th century ruin in South Tel Aviv, four local artists with international roots invited the public to see what they’ve been up to on weekends.

Know Hope, Klone, Zero Cents and Foma spend Saturdays decorating the streets and buildings of Israel’s seaside conurbation together. One such Sabbath they stumbled into an old house in the American Colony.

“Before the building was nothing, now there’s an art show in its ruin. Soon the art show will be gone and replaced with something else. Everything we have now will be a memory. I guess that’s what we’re trying to get at,” ponders Zero Cents.


((Know Hope, Klone, Foma <3, Zero Cents - Kindred Times))

((Lia Fenix - Childhood Flavor))

((Lia Fenix - Trapezists))

((Lia Fenix - Rubiks))

((Nan Goldin - Snow Cry))

((Natasha Kissel - Bubblerock, 2006))

((Saddo - With V.))

((Saddo - With III.))

((Kiersten Essenpreis - Born on a Pirate Ship))

((Devin McGrath - Somehow I Forgot))

((Devin McGrath - Run))

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