Sunday, January 10, 2010

Worked til close Wednesday and then showered, left for Santa Cruz with Shonna at ~ 11:00pm, made good time. Hung out with the brilliant artist Colin McCaffrey and then trekked over to San Jose to catch the ending of the Anno Domini Gallery's ( ) 9th annual Fresh Produce exhibition.

It was unreal, to say the least. Immediately upon arrival I was confronted by a familiar friend of epic proportions gracing the wall of the Anno Domini Gallery, and standing triumphantly [having stood so] since 2008.

Shonna and I met with Cherri Lakey and Brian Eder who run the Anno Domini gallery and they were very cool, passionate, and genuine people. They showed us around the exhibition, let us take a few pictures, and shared some familiar sentiments regarding art of this nature, in a world like this, at a time like now.

It was a beautiful welcome to a wonderful city, and as we left I wondered how soon we'd be back. The north continues to tug like a magnet at the strings that guide my heart. <3

Saddo of Berlin, Germany

Klone of Tel-Aviv, Israel
(close-up of tile collage)

Gabby Nathan of Tel Aviv, Israel

Danielle Duer of Nashville, TN

[w/ Rodrigo Obranco of Sao Paulo, Brazil
'Untitled #3'
in background]

Binho Martins of Americana/Sao Paulo

Benjamin de Brousse of Paris, France
'Miss Pink Ribbon'

Virgilio Neto of Brasilia, Brazil

Jermiah Maddock of New York City, NY

Crystal Morey of Oakland, CA

More coming soon!
Thanks for stopping by.
Art warms the soul.



  1. Im so jealous! You didnt happen to get pics of Corro Gomez's pieces did you?

  2. Your beginning words were more beautiful then some of those art pieces.

  3. I've looked through my roll and have no Curro Gomez, and i was rushing as my camera-battery was losing gusto as the moments slipped away.. But i'll keep my eyes peeled for more of his work. His looks interesting!

    And to the card, thank you. They are meant to keep the light, alight.

  4. Baww, well im glad you managed to capture one of Know Hope's stately murals.
    Not sure if this is your cup of tea, but i figured you might be interested in these websites if you haven't already stumbled upon them...

  5. i live in san jose =) didnt know about this but looks beautiful. northern cali IS an energetic place =) you seem to be doing well, that's nice. good luck in life! heehee =)